Do the voices in your head incessantly make noise? Mine do. They shout beseeching and sometimes demanding me to put my thoughts down on paper. So I write to shut them up.

I have an opinion about almost everything and anything under (and above) the sun. I love music, sports, food, books, video games and a shitload of other things. I’m not an expert on any of these things but rather than keep my opinions to myself, I’d rather share them. You may disagree with my views but let’s be civil about it like gentlemen and ladies and agree to disagree, deal?

My name is Leon Rupia and I’m a writer. I live to write and I write to live. I write because unlike honey someday I’ll expire. And you know what they say about dead men, right? They tell no tales and sadly my tombstone will have a limited word count. 🙁

Welcome to rupiawrites.