I’m a millennial

I crave instant gratification

I’m special, I want it all and I want it now


I’m a millennial

I can’t make conversation

Not when I’m busy checking my Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat notifications


I’m a millennial

Relax, what’s the rush?

I’ll take out the trash

Soon as I finish this level of Candy Crush


I’m a millennial

I’m not listening to crap

And it’s not mumble rap

It’s trap


I’m a millennial


What’s long-term?

I live for the moment

You may be heaven sent

But I’m not ready for commitment


I’m a millennial

I’m scrolling, swiping through my life

Perhaps on Tinder, I’ll find a wife


I’m a millennial

I know I need to earn a living to survive

But I don’t want to work an eight to five


I’m a millennial

I know it’s hard to figure out

What I’m all about

But please try to understand me

And let me be

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